10 habits that ruin your skin

Do you want to keep your face looking fresh and healthy? Here we explain the customs that you should avoid. (10 habits that ruin your skin)

We all want our skin to remain free of impurities and to have a healthy appearance, but many times our habits cause our face to not be as we would like it to be. We collect 10 habits that you must abandon now!

ruin your skin
10 habits that ruin your skin

Go to bed without removing impurities:

We already know that you arrive home exhausted and that it is very lazy, but if you do not remove your makeup, no treatment (no matter how wonderful) will work.

removing impurities
removing impurities

Do not use tonic:

If you are lazy about hygiene … We won’t even talk about the tonic moment! Remember that it is a basic gesture to calm the skin and finish removing any residue that has remained.

Do not massage the cream:

Don’t go rushing and running. It is a huge mistake. A good self-massage is essential to keep the skin in top shape. In addition, you avoid that part of the cream ends up on the pillow.

massage the cream
massage the cream

Sleeping on your stomach:

How many times have you woken up with the wrinkles of the sheets printed on your face? We know it’s difficult, but try to change your position.

Sleeping on your stomach
Sleeping on your stomach

Being ‘technically addicted’:

Checking your smartphone or keeping an eye on your laptop before dreaming of angels has been shown to keep you on your toes, making it difficult to sleep.

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Go to the ‘anything goes:

You cannot use just any cosmetic. You need a product formulated for the night, as it contains active ingredients that promote cell renewal.

Subscribing to the hot bath:

We all like it, but although it is comforting, its result on your skin is not. High water temperatures cause sagging in the tissues.

Brush your teeth with the cream on:

Time is money, but don’t be in a hurry and stop doing it all at once. When you rinse and dry, you remove the treatment from the perioral area.

Make a ‘mix’:

Although the night is also a good time to rescue the hair fiber (mask, oil …), it should not be mixed. Keep the hair out with a headband or covered under a shower cap.

Late dinner:

If you are a die-hard night owl, have a light snack. Heavy digestion is reflected on the skin in the form of toxins.

Late dinner
Late dinner

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