10 keys to your daily beauty routine

A nutritionist doctor recommends the steps to follow according to our lifestyle. (daily beauty routine)

Beauty is a daily conquest, which requires maintenance and cares that not only consist of the application of aesthetic products. Dr. Sergio Fernández, aesthetic doctor and nutrition specialist at Dorsia Clinics, has drawn up a decalogue that we must not forget to be beautiful every day.

Nutricosmetics: only if your diet is not balanced:

Many of its principles are found in the food we eat daily, therefore a balanced diet would make its consumption unnecessary, although the rhythm of life does not facilitate good eating habits. So nutricosmetics can be a solution. But make no mistake, not all of them work.

Nutricosmetics (daily beauty routine)

The beauty vitamins: A, C, and E:

The A is involved in cell regeneration, improves the elasticity of the skin and helps it not dry out. In addition, it is effective in eczema treatments …

Vitamin C participates in the synthesis of collagen, which is the star element of beauty. The improvement in all senses, as well as the rest of the body’s tissues.

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vitamins A C and E.jpg
vitamins A C and E.jpg

And the E helps to alleviate the aggressions on the face: scars, inflammations, and the unwanted effects of the abuse of tanning.

Light breakfast, if you do not practice sports:

If you do sports almost daily, opt for an American breakfast, rich in protein. If not, one based on fruit and whole grains.

Light breakfast
Light breakfast

Two liters of water daily:

It’s fundamental. Our body manufactures toxins and that is why we need an efficient drainage system for which a good water intake is essential.


Make-up remover cleaning, essential:

Proper cleansing of the skin is vital after wearing makeup. Many people “over make up” without cleaning the skin and that damages the skin. Removing makeup is key.

Make-up remover
Make-up remover

The best skin care products contain …

… Hyaluronic acid, lactobionic, or gluconolactone with protection factor in the morning and at night use of multivitamin serums (antioxidants) and retinoids to regenerate.

best skincare products contain
best skin care products contain

What not to do:

Although it sounds cliché, being stressed. You also have to avoid refined flours, trans fats, alcohol, sugary drinks, fried foods, tobacco and salt, among others. They help generate more free radicals and hinder proper drainage.

Coffee, good or bad to be beautiful?

Coffee is a stimulant, but it does not make us beautiful. Although its moderate consumption helps the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.


No to the obsessive practice of sport:

Sport generates endorphins and a sensation, but its excesses can be harmful. It ages the joints and therefore somehow contributes to aging.

What do we not usually take care of and should we?

Our mind. If we have anxiety, stress, and nerves, we cannot be well. Serenity brings us health and health brings us beauty. We have to try to conquer our daily minutes to relax. We will notice it in the mirror.

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