Step by Step Eye Makeup

Healthy eyes look good even without eye makeup.

Eyes are the windows of the soul,” says the famous saying. He reminds us that we should pay special attention to the organs that contribute so much to and influence our perception of the world. They are usually very sensitive and must be handled with great care and gentleness. In the evening you can clean your eyes as well as women and men. Wet wipes, face wash and traditional cleansing with water are just a few options for proper cleansing Eye Care We are especially important for women like daily makeup and creams. Quality cosmetics and care are needed to keep your skin healthy

When the skin of your eyes and the skin around them are well washed, it is advisable to breathe freely for a while. It is easiest to secure this “rest” at night. If you have too dry and sensitive skin, you could apply chestnut cream, coconut oil, almond oil, or other vegetable oil oil. So I’ll have it in the morning. Face shining like silk-fresh make-up ready.

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  1. Be sure to do it the first thing before getting into your eyes. Primer Many women ignore this fact, but this can be very detrimental to the health and radiant appearance of the skin. Even a simple face cream can serve as a primer if you don’t currently have anything else. Otherwise, it’s best to get a high-quality primer because it’s the most important factor connecting eye makeup and skin. Along with a good primer, your makeup will last all day long and ensure a great design.
  2. The first thing to do after writing a primer is to apply concealer. If you’re looking to do something cheap, we recommend the Maybelline Instant Era Rewind Eraser for the dark shadows under your eyes-these Lancome True Matches (Super Blendable Pencils) to our favorite-waterproof protective undereye concealer.
  3. Now the last time is ~. highlight. When the eyes shine, the entire face looks shiny. Therefore, the personality shines. Put a highlighter under your eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger and more open. Then it sticks a little inside the eye to give it a fresh look. A light-toned bronzer or bright eyeshadow can act as a highlighter if you don’t currently have a highlighter.
  4. days eyeshadow is the next step. Either way, you can apply a wide variety of very different colors-as desired, eye color and opportunity. Always remember that eye makeup should adapt to the situation. In the video below you can see some possible makeup ideas as follows: daily eye makeup for small eyes so they can see more, champagne well makeup and finally a nice party look
  5. -day eyelashes are also particularly important for effective eye makeup. A little mascara makes a big difference, and in special cases it’s a good idea to create artificial eyelashes. Not everyone can do well on their own, but you should try samples or ask your girlfriend for help, especially if you are new to it.
  6. Eye Make Up is the key to the overall look, but you can do other things. Lipsticks, rouges, and foundations aren’t overlooked, so you’ll finally get a full and well-balanced makeup. With great makeup, you can feel confident and comfortable wearing all kinds of clothes, from jeans and T-shirts to ball gowns. Read More; Makeup fixer, the perfect ally to avoid staining the mask

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