3 new types of braids, dare with something different

3 types of braids for your girl to wear beautiful and different hairstyles.

If you already have fluency with basic braids and you have been wanting more …

It is time to take another step and start practicing with techniques.

3 new types of braids
3 new types of braids

In this case I have chosen the Infinity Braid, 4 strand slide up braid and the Zipper Braid.

You may wonder why I use the names in English and not in Spanish. Well, the reason is very simple: they are much better known that way.

Before we start, let me remind you that in the Online Academy of Pequeinados you will be able to learn all the techniques and tricks of braided hairstyles, in a guided and very didactic way, so that the most showy and impeccable hairstyles will not resist you. And with support for doubts.


In the Advanced Level Braids Course I delve into these braids that I present here and I teach you more tricks and variations.

Let’s start, you will see that they are quite simple. And don’t make that face … when you finish tell me what you think.

3 different types of braids
Type 1. Infinity Braid

To start with this braid, you have to divide the strand into three strands, the one on the right being a little finer than the other two.

This lock is the one that will go around the other two, drawing an eight, hence the name Infinity (infinity) and the one that will feed on both sides.

To keep it simple, it is important to place your fingers and always pull up the strand that you are feeding so that the braid takes its characteristic shape.

Having these two clear points this braid will not resist you.

You have a great hairstyle at your disposal with the Infinity Braid in which you can apply this technique.

Type 2. 4 Strand slide upbraid

Type 2. 4 Strand slide upbraid
Type 2. 4 Strand slide upbraid

This braid is super simple and looks beautiful.

In this case you will not have to feed the braid, you simply have to weave a braid of 4 strands and slide it up (slide up, in English). The drawing that remains is very beautiful.

How is the 4 strand braid made? Well, very simple.

Divide the strand into four strands, if you start from the right the steps are as follows:

The strand on the right goes under the second, over the third and under the fourth and now the two that remain in the middle are crossed. Once this is done you start over.

What is very pretty? If you want you can try this nice hairstyle.

Type 3. Zipper Braid:

Type 3. Zipper Braid

If you have the French braid under control, this technique will not cost you much. Remember, Zipper means zipper in English, and this braid will have a look that is reminiscent of it. Of course, your daughter will have to give you a hand holding the ropes. You also have a hairstyle with Zipper Braid so you can see how it looks.

And the three braids are already explained.

Yaaa, I know, you have paid a lot of attention but you have the feeling that you have missed something, right? Watch this video and you will have everything much clearer.

Well, I hope you enjoy them, that you practice a lot and tell me how it went.

The information that I can receive from you is very important, it will help me to offer you what you really need to learn.

And so far my weekly contribution.

Next week I will show you another simple and fast way for your girl to go to school, a party or wherever you want.

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