5 false myths about cosmetic surgery

Who hasn’t heard that breast implants explode on airplanes? What do the famous ones enter the waist because they remove their ribs or that they lose weight in a jiffy after going under the knife? Find out what is true in these statements.(5 false myths about cosmetic surgery)

myths about cosmetic surgery
myths about cosmetic surgery

The rush to look better:

“It is true that cosmetic surgery has been able to adapt to social changes and personal needs”, explains Dr. Moises Martín Anaya. “From the new technique with stem cells, through the grafts of autologous fat extracted from the patient, to the facial surgery interventions with combined therapies: lifting with blepharoplasty (removal of bags and dark circles) or rhinoplasty “, but the truth is that this same evolution also gives rise to all kinds of speculations.” the famous ones, “says the doctor. He updates the list of false beliefs that arouse more social interest.

“Hyaluronic acid works to increase the volume of the breast.” False.

The use of hyaluronic acid in the female breast is limited to a very superficial level that consists of smoothing the wrinkles of the décolleté.

The procedure is simple. Through intradermal injections it achieves a regenerating and firming effect. Its duration can be approximately one year. If they offer you this treatment, say “no”, since it is contraindicated: it can lead to errors in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

“Autologous fat grafts are definitive.” False

The XXL buttocks displayed by celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez are, in fact, due to fat injections, but they do not have a permanent effect. Fat is reabsorbed by the body in a percentage of 30% to 40%.

“Breast prostheses are changed every ten years.” False.

Nowadays, (once we already know that they do not explode or cause allergies), prostheses are manufactured that, with very few exceptions, do not need to be changed in life.

“Liposuction thins weight”. False.

Liposuction changes the shape of your body, but it does not make you lose weight because the fat that is removed actually weighs very little. What it allows you is to start over and be able to maintain a silhouette that, without intervention, you would not recover.

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“Cosmetic surgery solves my obesity problem.” False and dangerous.

When you suffer from obesity and overweight, at levels that can affect our health, you have to put yourself in the hands of an endocrinologist and if you need to undergo bariatric surgery (different surgical procedures used to treat obesity). Then, as a complement, in the end, always, will come cosmetic surgery.

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