A practical guide to coloring your hair at home

Let’s agree that we do not always have enough money to dye our hair in a hairdresser. And since gray hair does not disappear by magic and leaving it uncovered is not an option, it is always good to know how to deal with this situation. And you, do you already have an idea of how to dye your hair at home? So, we recommend that you read this practical guide. (practical guide to coloring your hair)

practical guide to coloring your hair

Divide and you will reign:

Before applying any ink to your hair, it is essential that you divide your hair into parts. Only then will you be in a position to cover all gray hair. And remember: if you have a fringe, it will be better to separate it well from the rest of your hair and pay special attention to it. Of course, before going to the ink, spray your tips with a little lavender oil. He will help you mask the terrible and intense smell of ink.

Divide and you will reign
Divide and you will reign

But how?

Very poetic that of “divide and reign.” But what is the best way to do it? Well, the ideal is that you divide your hair into four and hold it well with the best clips you have at home. When these have been fixed in your head, you will be ready to take the next step …

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But how

Time for action:

No uncomfortable bottles or sticks: you will have to apply the ink as God intended – that is, using a good container and a brush. This measure may seem like a minor matter, but the truth is that it will give you much greater control over the ink. Once you have these instruments, you should focus on one part at a time and pay particular attention to the hair that surrounds your face. After you are done with the ink, while you wait for the ink to set, wear a shower cap. The heat from your head will speed up the whole process.

Time for action

And then?

Make no mistake: the process of dyeing your hair does not end – irony – when you finish coloring your hair. Then you will have to keep your results. For this, we recommend that you nourish your hair with a moisturizing mask once a week and that you go to the shampoo as little as possible. Keep in mind that the thicker your hair, the less problem you will have skipping washes.

And then


These are the tips that you should keep in mind the next time you venture to dye your hair. Let’s go! With a little dedication and patience, your hair can look like you’ve been to the salon, or even better!

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