A quick way to burn calories

Eat fewer calories than you consume – this is the formula for losing weight wherever we hear it. How can I increase my calorie intake? A great option would be a gym, but what if there is a catastrophic lack of time. We will tell you how you can lose weight without changing your usual rhythm of life and your usual schedule. A quick way to burn calories, you can learn from this article.

burn calories
burn calories

As you know, calories are spent on every business we do. Of course, for energy costs, shop work and laundry are different, but we have to subtract both. How many calories do ordinary things take away from us, and how can they be used for this number?

How many calories are consumed per day?
Let’s calculate how many kilocalories are spent when doing ordinary things, not going to the gym or working in the garden.


For the dressing, washing takes about 20 minutes and we lose 31 kilocalories. If breakfast is not cooked, then 8 kilocalories are needed for 10 minutes. Hairstyling takes 15 minutes and consumes 35 kcal.

And a trip to work and home to drive a car will ideally take an hour and save 101 kilocalories. Computer work takes the same amount, and if it is an 8-hour day, you can lose 808 kcal.


For food, it does not take an hour, but 20 minutes, and we lose 16 kilocalories. When you do not have to run anywhere during the break, if the coffee is a 5-minute walk from work, then at the table in the cafe you can sit at the lunch break, talk to colleagues or friends and lose 70 kilocalories.

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After work, we undress, prepare a simple dinner, supper, take a shower. It consumes 90 kcal.

Also, in our daily routine we include filling the bed, washing dishes, talking on the phone with a relative or friend, reading a book, and all this we consume 50 kilocalories. About 100 kilocalories go to sleep, if at least 7 hours healthy, strong. We get a total of 1309 kcal.

But we add a 30-minute morning charge for daily activities, 150 kilocalories, a shopping trip for lunch that took half an hour for lunch is another 100 kilocalories. A purely symbolic evening, a 30-minute cleaning in the apartment, there is a vacuum, there will be dust, there are no 80 kcal, an iron for one hour, it takes 70 kcal. If a week will be engaged in an hour of aerobics, then we will all burn 1600 kcal.

Calories and loneliness:

All of the calculations written above are written for each of us, and even if you are a workaholic and have no child or husband near you, you just live for yourself and have no family. This is not always the case, and this is reflected in our condition and figure.

For example, a passionate long kiss will save 50 kilocalories, and sex will save 200 kilocalories. It turns out that a night of love or a few kisses a day and we will cover them with a daily rate of 1800 or 2000 calories. If there is no favorite, that’s fine. 200 or 400 kcal can be expended if you dance in the club for 1 or 1.5 hours with friends, and at the same time you can find your favorite.

A 30-minute walk with a dog will allow you to eat a 100-calorie piece of chocolate, or cancel your morning exercises or evening cleansing.

Calorie consumption and child:

A woman’s life radically changes the appearance of the child. For a mother who is younger, you need 500 kilocalories more than before, but the worries that fell on her shoulders will cover this excess.
A lot of feeding a child will require 141 kilocalories per hour, and at the beginning of life some children eat for days.

If you walk with a child in a stroller, you will get rid of 151 kcal, and if you carry it in your hands for an hour, you will lose 188 kcal. Later, when you play with an adult child, you will lose 150 kcal every half hour. And the way he grows up, you will move on to more active games, you will have to run and jump on the same level with the child, and every 30 minutes you will say goodbye to 200 kcal.

But until then, breastfeeding can stop, which means we need fewer calories for food. And all this must be taken into account so that later we should not be surprised, why we do not lose weight if we lead an active lifestyle. Most likely, you need to reduce the caloric content of the daily menu. Remember that when we take care of the baby, we do not spend on the road, we go to work and back, 909 kilocalories. There will be fewer opportunities for sports and shopping. Phone calls, walks, etc. They will be reduced.

But, there will be added time for the baby to bathe, dress, cook, iron, more often it will be necessary to clean the apartment. This is what we will “justify” the calories we did not burn at work.

You can lose weight:

If loneliness is a forced prospect for the near future or a conscious choice, then insufficient calorie consumption will be over the weekend. On Saturday morning we start cleaning the house, and then an hour of such work will save us 203 kilograms.

It should not be easy, but thorough cleaning, which you can do in the evening. This includes polishing mirrors and glasses, washing the floor and windows, cleaning the plumbing, it is necessary in this way to “melt” the extra pounds.

After lunch we go to the store to buy food for a week. One hour of this profession takes away 150 kilocalories from us.
On Sunday we walk, the hour of such a walk will save us 200 or 250 kilocalories, or if you ride a bike at a speed of 14 kilometers per hour, it will save us 300 kilocalories per hour.

If you have a garden, a garden, a summer residence, then we will transfer the plans for the week to the beds. Depending on the pace of work and what kind of work we are in the country, the tasks of the country consume from 100 to 300 kcal per hour.

Diet, count calories:

When it becomes clear what we consume and how many calories, it is not difficult to calculate whether the traditional formula for weight loss is observed, when consumption is higher consumption.

When you want to say the phrase “I do not eat, I turn like a squirrel in a wheel and are fat”, then I want to translate these things into calories. Maybe someone is simply eating or exaggerating their worries, then in the first case they should reduce the caloric content of their diet or simply move more. And then the process of losing weight begins.

What are the daily energy costs of each person? Most of the calories we spend on traffic – shopping, studying, work, hobbies and household chores. Thanks to this material, we will be able to calculate what we will do for a working day. But there are processes for which we spend a lot of energy and we do not know about it.

One such process, this basic metabolism, is the so-called resting metabolism in the body. This energy is consumed to ensure the functions of important organs – kidneys, lungs, heart, brain and others. Using special measurements and tables, nutritionists calculate the basal metabolic rate. To calculate energy costs at home, you need to know that a person spends 1 kilocalorie per kilogram of body weight per hour. A young woman weighing 60 kg should support the life of the body in a state of rest of 1440 kcal.

The second important process is the digestion and assimilation of food. From the fact that you eat carbohydrates, fats, proteins, this process consumes a different amount of energy. When using protein, 40% is spent on utilization.

And the body consumes only 5 or 7% of digestion and digestion of fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, those who want to lose weight, it is much more profitable to eat protein foods.

In order to be more comfortable and easier to calculate the calories you consume, you can use the table.

Type of activity:

  • Office work – 87 kcal per hour
  • Computer printing – 140
  • Computer work – 101
  • Working as a massage therapist – 294

Daily routines:

  • Personal hygiene – 93
  • Dressing and undressing – 93
  • The meal stands – 93
  • Seating food – 47
  • Charging medium intensity – 300


  • Mowing mowers – 200
  • Fruit collection – 320
  • Work in the garden – 135
  • Knitting new weeds – 230
  • Extraction of last year’s grass – 300
  • Digging beds – 320

Using these tables, you can learn how you can quickly burn excess calories and get your figure in order.

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