Aloe Vera and Bay Leaf Moisturizer

Aloe vera and bay leaf cream, or how to keep skin hydrated after shaving !
A man spends, on average, around 32 and a half days shaving. Did you know? Hence the importance of maintaining a well-cared-for and hydrated skin.
 From Natural Style they teach us to prepare, in a very simple way, a moisturizing lotion of aloe vera and laurel. The result will not leave you indifferent!
 Did you know that, throughout his life, a man spends approximately 780 hours, that is, 32 and a half days, shaving the eight meters of hair that grows on average in his life?
 It is easy to imagine how much the skin suffers when it is subjected to the action of a few blades so many times.
 From Natural Style, they teach us to prepare a lotion with a few bay leaves, two aloe vera leaves, glycerin and water for the infusion.
 Natural Style teaches us how to make a moisturizing, soothing and regenerating skin lotion for after shaving. The combination of these two plants, which have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties, provides a fantastic result to the preparation. In addition, laurel provides its perfect antibacterial and antifungal properties for the skin.

Laurel (some leaves)
Aloe leaves (60 g pulp)
Glycerin (30 mL)
Water (80 mL)

Step 1
The first thing we have to do is put water to heat. Meanwhile, we cut the bay leaves into very small pieces. When the water is boiling, we add it to the bowl with the bay leaf. We cover it and leave it for 10 minutes to get a very concentrated infusion.

Step 2
When the infusion is done, strain it and reserve it in a bowl. We are going to need 80 ml

Step 3
To prepare the aloe pulp, we have to cut the thorns and open it as if it were a book. We will extract approximately 60g of aloe pulp.

Step 4
Place, in a blender glass, the aloe vera and the laurel infusion, and beat it until it is completely homogeneous.

Step 5
When we have the mixture completely homogeneous, we add 30ml of glycerin. The glycerin will provide a soothing power.

Step 6
We mix it perfectly and pack it in an airtight jar.

Conservation: Store in a dry and dark place. It can be used for 3 months.

Application: Apply after shaving.

Aloe has become very popular due to its wide use in beauty, hygiene and body care products. Widely used for minor skin injuries, insect bites, psoriasis, herpes, burns, etc. Other not so well known virtues of aloe are its purgative, stomachic and aperitive virtues.

Laurel is also widely used for its properties as an anticatarrhal, bronchopulmonary decongestant, antidiarrheal, carminative, digestive, hypotensive or for arthritis. It is also widely used in the kitchen to season stews, stews, olives or for the preparation of different types of liqueurs.

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