Are you epilating properly?

Waxing is always a controversial issue, on the one hand, there is a confrontation of opinions between those in favor of removing hair and those who consider it an imposed fashion and, for many, still macho. However, there are more aspects that generate different opinions, such as what is the best method or how it is done correctly. Are you epilating properly?

Are you epilating properly
Are you epilating properly

We all know that to achieve a perfect hair removal and do it in the safest way for our skin, it is best to go to a beauty center, however, this option is not the most popular, neither for the economy nor for time.

We all frequently resort to waxing at home and choose very different methods: razor, electric razor, wax … they all have their pros and cons, but the key is not to make some very common mistakes that put our skin at risk.

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Are you one of those who gets a knife in hand in the shower? You should know that applying gel on the skin and then using the blade is not the best idea, since it is more appropriate to choose a specific product for hair removal on which to pass the blade, since normal gels can have perfumes that irritate the skin more. skin.

If you choose the electric razor, surely you do not do this very often: before using the razor, the skin must be prepared with a correct previous exfoliation and, afterwards, a hot shower so that the pores open well and thus, once dry , when we pass the razor the hair comes out better.

One tip: if you want waxing to not be even more painful, avoid waxing on the days when you have menstruation, as the sensitivity is greater.

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