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Aloe Vera and Bay Leaf Moisturizer

Aloe vera and bay leaf cream, or how to keep skin hydrated after shaving ! A man spends, on average, around 32 and a half days shaving. Did you know? Hence the importance of maintaining a well-cared-for and hydrated skin. From Natural Style they teach us to prepare, in a …

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Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Exfoliating Mask

We learn to prepare a simple natural remedy with which to achieve hydrated, soft, luminous skin and free of dead skin! A trick for which we need strawberries, yogurt and rosehip oil. In addition, we give you some advice, using a fruit that is never missing at home. to whiten …

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Step by Step Eye Makeup

Healthy eyes look good even without eye makeup. Eyes are the windows of the soul,” says the famous saying. He reminds us that we should pay special attention to the organs that contribute so much to and influence our perception of the world. They are usually very sensitive and must …

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