Brittle nails in menopause

With menopause, the nails also change. (Brittle nails in menopause)

Hormonal imbalances and dehydration are the causes of brittle nails, and while it may not be the most serious (or best-known) symptom of menopause, it can be quite annoying.

Brittle nails
Brittle nails in menopause

Once these signs of nail wear are known to be hormone-related, a few simple changes can help prevent this symptom from becoming less of a problem.

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The first thing to know.

Why are nails damaged in menopause?

Nails are made of a protein called keratin, and decreased levels of estrogen affect its production.

Estrogen also helps the body regulate water retention, so as estrogen levels drop, nails become dry and break more easily.

nails damaged in menopause
nails damaged in menopause

The nutritional level also affects the condition of the nails. A diet low in calcium makes the nails dry more easily and makes them more brittle. Lack of folic acid and vitamin C are associated with hangnails.

How to improve brittle nails?

Some of the steps you can take to help improve the health of your nails:

  • Lubricate, nourish and hydrate are the first steps to solve the problem. Almond oil can help keep nails soft and supple.
  • Reduce possible nutritional deficiencies. A healthy and balanced diet improves hormone levels.
  • Wear gloves when you have to be in contact with water, for example when washing dishes.
  • Changes in your diet Essential fatty acids, such as those found in almonds or avocado, are important for strengthening nails.

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