The way to care for your nails at home (also if you have nail polish)

Before removing permanent polish or painting your nails, read what dermatology experts try to warn with these customs while the coronavirus lockdown lasts. (care for your nails at home)

Confinement by coronavirus is helping many to take care of themselves physically and mentally, but especially the first. And in physical care we not only refer to sport, which is a fact that personal trainers have won more virtual students than they had before, but beauty care is also on the rise. In addition to putting makeup aside, the applications of creams on both hands and face have also increased to prevent the skin from drying out.

care for your nails at home
care for your nails at home

But … Be careful! Constantly putting your hands under the tap can also damage your nails … “In the same way that repeated hand washing affects the skin, it also affects the nail. Repeated immersions in water produce hydration and dehydration of the nail that in the long run favor its weakening, peeling in the form of layers in the distal area (onychoschia) and the breakage of the free edge of the nail ”, explains Dr. Lourdes Navarro , dermatologist member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. Instead, “using a mild soap”, as advised by Dr. Ramón Vila-Rovira, founder of the Vila-Rovira Institute in Madrid, reduces the damage.

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Cooking without gloves is another factor that may be weakening your nails … As the dermatologist Lourdes Navarro explains, “all nail alterations can disrupt the performance of everyday tasks of the day, and this situation seems be more frequent and more evident in those people who do housework and cook without gloves.

Tips for healthy nails:

Like the rest of our body, nails also feed on our food, and their strength and visual presence will also depend on this. “Nails need vitamins, just like hair and skin. For this reason, a good, complete and varied diet is essential “, says Dr. Vila-Rovira.

Tips for healthy nails
care for your nails at home

Lourdes Navarro, from the AEDV, adds that, in addition, gloves should be used for household chores and cooking, as well as “applying specific emollient creams for nails regularly, avoid changing the aesthetics of the nail with long-lasting enamels or gel and gel and porcelain nails.

Do I paint my nails or not?

It seems tempting to take the box of nail polish and try new colors (more spring) on our nails these days not only to entertain ourselves, but also to see ourselves better. However, dermatologists advise giving them a break and leaving them unpainted for a while.

 paint my nails or not
paint my nails or not

Since we are at home, we must take advantage of it to improve oxygenation and respiration of the nails. It is the ideal time to take maximum care of your health, as is the case with the skin of the face, where we must avoid using makeup during these days.

Confinement, as we are not exposed to the air and sun for so long, will allow us to have healthier skin and nails, ”advises AEDV member Lourdes Navarro. Dr. Vila-Rovira reaffirms his words: “We must always give them a break, but now may be the best time since we have more time to care for our skin and nails with more peace of mind.”

What if I have permanent enamel?

Although it sounds contradictory, the nail polish, if it is permanent, should remain on your nails during confinement for a simple reason: its thick layer protects your nail.

I have permanent enamel
I have permanent enamel

If you follow the instagramer collective on Instagram, you will see that most of them have chosen to remove the enamel and make a new one themselves or leave them without enamel. Dermatology experts agree on their answer: if it’s permanent, it better stay.

People who wear gel or permanent nail polish in these moments of confinement should leave it to them. In these cases, with this pandemic situation in which we have to wash our hands many times, this enamel would prevent or act as a ‘protective film’ against dehydration that would occur due to repeated contact with water.

Therefore, it is better to leave it than remove it, ”says Lourdes Navarro, and does not recommend that people paint their nails with gel or permanent nail polish while the isolation continues.

By having more time and having access to the online purchase of the material to carry out this type of aesthetic procedures it is possible that some people are more tempted to try to make a gel enamel, porcelain … This is what we neither recommend nor want it to be done, ”he warns.

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