Makeup Tips

Step by Step Eye Makeup

Healthy eyes look good even without eye makeup. Eyes are the windows of the soul,” says the famous saying. He reminds us that we should pay special attention to the organs that contribute so much to and influence our perception of the world. They are usually very sensitive and must …

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How to make up your eyebrows


Define and outline your eyebrows with these makeup tricks to stylize your look. (make up your eyebrows) make up your eyebrows To show off perfect eyebrows, in addition to plucking them, make-up should be done. At first, you may think that the result will be too artificial. However, this is …

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Do you know what brush you need?


Achieving long-lasting and natural makeup is possible if you choose precise ‘weapons’ and follow the advice of the best makeup artists. Making your own toolbox will never be easier. (Do you know what brush you need) Do you know what brush you need Outlines: Perfect for: “drawing the upper lash …

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How to learn how to properly apply makeup

properly apply makeup

There may be a variety of difficulties on your way, even if you are a professional or beginner in the ability to apply makeup, and as a result you may have swollen blue lips, rubbing red eyes. In the article “How to learn how to properly apply makeup”, we will …

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