Folk remedies for redness of the face


Even if the redness of the skin is temporary, all this indicates that there are problems with the capillaries. Small blood vessels with their fragility abruptly blood and this causes vasodilation, as a result of which red spots appear on the face, which is temporary in nature, and then appear …

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3 homemade masks that eliminate hair frizz

masks that eliminate hair frizz

Show off a smooth, manageable, frizz-free mane with these homemade masks that eliminate frizz from your hair completely! hair frizz If you are one of those who have invested (more than once) in very expensive treatments to eliminate frizz, welcome to the club! We also did everything to eradicate this …

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5 fruit masks for fuller hair

Fruit Masks for Hair

The following fruit masks are homemade, rich in nutrients, and will leave your hair more abundant and thicker than ever. Just as there are shampoos that make hair grow and drinks that add thickness to the hair follicles, there are also homemade masks with fruits in charge of achieving a …

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4 masks to take care of hair in winter


Do not let your hair suffer the effects of the weather in winter and better, prepare the following masks to take care of its health and beauty! Religiously applying hair masks in the winter season is infallible to take care of dryness, frizz, dullness and hair loss. It is recommended …

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