5 exercises to tone buttocks

exercises to tone buttocks

We all wonder what the secret is to having firm buttocks, and the truth is that there is not too much mystery in the matter: you have to move, women! And yes, we can have a beautiful tail by nature, but the only exercise will help us maintain it over …

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Short-form exercises


You want to stay in shape, but you have absolutely no time to either go to the fitness club or devote enough attention to home training. What is the solution? Mini workout in just 1, 5, 8 or 12 minutes! You can always find time for them, and the result …

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Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

Ashtanga “translates as” eight bases “. There are eight basic principles of this type of yoga. Ashtanga-yoga for beginners. Ashtanga is a series of transitions from one position to another. strength, which is not typical of yoga practices, because classical yoga, on the other hand, pays special attention to proper …

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A quick way to burn calories

quick way to burn calories

Eat fewer calories than you consume – this is the formula for losing weight wherever we hear it. How can I increase my calorie intake? A great option would be a gym, but what if there is a catastrophic lack of time. We will tell you how you can lose …

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How to lose weight with exercise without a diet?

lose weight with exercise

Extreme diets are gradually but surely disappearing from people’s lives and replacing their new weight loss rules, which are based on scientific advances. How to lose weight with exercise These rules are pretty simple, they need to be done constantly and you need to make them a normal way of …

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5 yoga teachers who teach online classes

yoga online classes

Five women of outstanding trajectory with whom you can take virtual classes, complete and focused on different levels of practice, comfortably from your home, to continue advancing on the path of yoga. yoga online classes Yoga is living in the West one of the sweetest moments in its recent history. …

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What sport to practice during confinement?


Sport can raise our spirits and improve our health in the face of the uncertainty of possible new confinement. (sport-to-practice) sport to practice Without being certain how we will spend the next few weeks, it is very likely that we will have to spend a lot of time at home. …

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Nakano, the definitive method for a defined and healthy torso

healthy torso

The personal trainer Shuichi James Nakano proposes a guide to correctly train the torso and achieve the desired objectives. (healthy torso) healthy torso Especially now and more and more, we are getting used to using technology for absolutely everything. Doing housework without using appliances, walking with weight, or using the …

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Mistakes we make when doing squats


Performing the exercises incorrectly can lead to injury to the knees or spine. (squats) squats If we intend to tone our abdomen, legs and buttocks without having to spend many hours in the gym, squats can be our best ally. Not only can they be done at home and without …

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Anxiety: how meditation can help us manage


With conscious attention to the breath and the body, we can distance ourselves from negative thoughts so that they do not affect us so much, kidnapping us and unleashing the “inner electrical storm.” Meditation At this very particular time that we are living all over the planet, focused on the …

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