Skin Care

Aloe Vera and Bay Leaf Moisturizer

Aloe vera and bay leaf cream, or how to keep skin hydrated after shaving ! A man spends, on average, around 32 and a half days shaving. Did you know? Hence the importance of maintaining a well-cared-for and hydrated skin. From Natural Style they teach us to prepare, in a …

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Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Exfoliating Mask

We learn to prepare a simple natural remedy with which to achieve hydrated, soft, luminous skin and free of dead skin! A trick for which we need strawberries, yogurt and rosehip oil. In addition, we give you some advice, using a fruit that is never missing at home. to whiten …

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Skin care: 5 tips for healthy skin


Good skin care, such as sun protection and gentle cleansing, can keep skin healthy and radiant. 5 tips for healthy skin 5 tips for healthy skin Don’t have time for intensive skin care? You can still pamper yourself by following the basics. Good skin care and choosing a healthy lifestyle …

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Quick and effective acne home remedies

effective acne home remedies

Acne, very common in adolescence, also usually appears in adults. Although there is no single or main cause of comedones, blackheads, or pimples that appear in acne skin, genetics, some medications, and some cosmetics are contributing factors. Only in extreme cases can acne be serious and require medical treatment. (effective …

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How to use clay for acne

clay for acne

Daily cleaning and applying the lotions recommended by the dermatologist are essential steps to improve the appearance of acne skin, as well as to eat a balanced diet low in fat and sugar. clay for acne When it comes to mild acne, to this we can add the use of …

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How to remove red veins on the face.

How to remove red veins on the face

Red veins on the face are characteristic of a dermatological condition called couperose, a problem that can also lead to the appearance of redness and irritation on the skin. Although it is true that telangiectasias (popularly known as spider veins on the face) can usually appear due to sudden changes …

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Natural scrubs that remove blemishes from the face

natural lightning scrubs

Stop hiding your skin under concealers and better try these natural lightning scrubs that remove all skin blemishes! natural lightning scrubs It is proven that one of the problems that affect women the most are skin blemishes, and yes, we all hate them! However, removing them is not as difficult …

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