Definitive tricks to have perfect nails

Having perfect nails is not an easy task. That is why many people go to beauty centers to get their manicures done and improve the appearance of their hands. Yes. (tricks to have perfect nails)

Definitive tricks to have perfect nails
tricks to have perfect nails

However, sometimes due to time or money problems this is not always a good option. For those occasions, the option of home manicure begins to gain positions, if this is your case we will explain some simple tricks to get nails of ten.

The first thing, and before painting them, is to remove traces of previous enamels. First, we will wash the nails with soap and water and then we will use a little polish remover with the help of a cotton ball. If after these steps the notes are dry, you can use a moisturizer for nails or rub them lightly with a cotton ball soaked in water and olive oil in equal parts.

On many occasions our nails are not as long as we would like, so that we can make them “grow” immediately, we just have to remove the cuticle with the help of an orange tree and a lot of patience, and you can make blood.

If you still come off when painting, apply a little petroleum jelly around it first as this will allow you to easily remove the remains.

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Next, paint the nail with a strengthening polish to make it harden, not chip so easily and the final result has a brighter color.

Then it’s time to paint them, the funniest one is that you can choose your favorite color and unleash your imagination. To achieve a solid color it is best to apply three thin coats, leaving a reasonable drying time between them.

The last step is to put the nails in a container with very cold water if you have ice better, so the drying will be almost instantaneous.

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