Weight loss diets, rice diet

In our article “Diets for weight loss, rice diet” I will tell you about one of the popular diets – rice diet. After all, this diet is considered one of the most sparing and right diets.

Weight loss diets
Weight loss diets

Thanks to the nutrition diet rice is lost permanently and stably. We will find out what types of rice diet there are, what rules should be followed in the rice diet. And also get acquainted with rice breakfast, learn the details of effective body cleansing.

Useful properties of rice:

Rice is a unique product that has wonderful properties. Absorbs (absorbs) and removes harmful metabolic products, salt, slag, nutritious and beneficial from the body. If you follow the rice diet, you can not only lose weight, but also improve it, and also cleanse your body.

White Rice
White Rice

For this reason, rice is part of many diets. Thus, this allows the rice diet to conform to such favorite and popular diets as: Kremlin, kefir, Japanese, diet and others. Another plus of these diets is that every woman can find a way to lose weight, which will be convenient for her. Maybe, someone will approach the soft option and comfortable (seven days), someone will approach the hard option (three-day rice diet).

Types of rice diet:

There are several types of rice diet:

  • Rice three-day diet. To do this, we will weld a cup of unpolished rice without salt and spices. Then divide it into several small portions, distribute it throughout the day, eat and drink with apple or orange juice. And so for three days.
    It is not recommended to write a heavy diet for more than three days. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. This mode is suitable for the day of fasting.
  • Rice diet, intended for 7 days. Boil half a kilo of rice, add fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruits. You can cook a lot of fruit and vegetable dishes. Such a diet can be made delicious and quite varied, such a diet can never suck. Try to observe one important rule: the number of additives should not exceed 200 grams per day. You can drink unsweetened natural juices, mineral water without gas, green tea without sugar, or plain water, the best option is green apple juice and you should eat half a kilo of fruit. No earlier than two weeks it is necessary to pass a repeat course.

How to adhere to the rice diet?

When choosing a particular type of rice diet, you should adhere to certain rules:

  • We use the best brown rice because it contains the most B vitamins.
  • They also take potassium supplements.

Cleanse the body with breakfast with rice
Rice breakfast is prepared according to a special method, preferably brown, whole rice. It is a high quality, balanced product that contains B vitamins, proteins, sodium, iron, potassium compounds, contains starch. If there is no brown target rice, take the usual rice with wheat, dried bran, taken in a ratio of 3 to 1. This will add biologically active missing substances, and then the assimilation will be better.

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Rice breakfast is an effective cleanser for the body, it also improves metabolism and helps eliminate toxins. Such a breakfast helps to return the weight to normal, and missing and unnecessary. Facilitates the work of the kidneys and liver, reduces swelling. Thanks to rice breakfast, you cleanse the body of various deposits in the vessels, tissues, joints, remove heavy metabolic products from the body.

The method of rice breakfast is limited to the use of table salt, used for breakfast of soaked rice. When the rice is soaked, the component washes away from it, which creates mucus in the body. It easily absorbs various, harmful forms (microorganisms, mucus, bile, excess cholesterol and so on) and becomes porous.

It is necessary to prepare a glass dish for rice breakfast. In this capacity we fall asleep unrefined, brown rice, as many teaspoons as you. Rinse the rice thoroughly and pour cold boiled water over the rice.

The next morning, drain the water, take a tablespoon of rice and cook this rice in a small amount of water until it becomes a liquid ordinary porridge. Many try, eat rice raw, it is eaten after soaking. In addition, raw rice is attributed to the anthelmintic effect.

The remaining rice is filled with water and left until the next morning. The whole breakfast should fit in one spoon. Twenty or thirty minutes before breakfast we drink a cup of green tea, you can have herbal or a glass of water.

It is very important to know that after breakfast you can not drink or drink anything else for 4 hours. You can only eat after 4 hours. You can eat everything, you just need to limit your salt intake, and the less it is, the more effective the cleansing will be. You just need to limit the consumption of acute and acidic, you can not drink alcohol, or rice will produce alcoholic poisons. No rice breakfast, no contraindications. The course of the rice diet should be carried out twice a year.

We now know everything about rice diets. We know how to implement it, and what rules should be followed with this diet. We wish you efficient and proper nutrition!

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