Makeup For Big Eyes

This is the nature of the giver, the owner of the large eye. As a rule and standard of beauty lips, nose, body, breasts have changed over the centuries

Eyes Makeup
Eyes Makeup

Centuries, the great, expressive have always thought of the banner of beauty. Although I do not believe that eye makeup for adults can be there, although there are details of the one who needs the right. Let us consider them in more detail.

Big eyes are a real treasure, and despite the fact that the owner can afford to use color, there is Nuance, which should always be remembered. First of all, apply makeup for the big eyes, be careful not to accidentally make them look bigger.

This mistake is often blamed on beginner make-up artists, using the same techniques as the Asian wait. So, the beautiful eyes just a lot. There is also the problem of make-up is that they are not only accurate and cut in size, and highlight the natural beauty.

Different Eyes Makeup
Different Eyes Makeup

Comparing the eye to a diamond, its eyebrows will be worth a look. But the owner of the big eyebrow-strings – the taboo. But the reality is they are “open” to them, constantly growing.

So try your brows wide, and be well trained. Also contraindicated lightening in the eyelids and podbrovnogo area. These two steps will enlarge the eyes more, damage can measure the face, and as a result get bulging eye fish. It is also not necessary to use a lot of pearl shades, as eye sequins enhance the area, which is covered.

What techniques can still be used? Eye makeup for adults is characterized by dark, deep tones and dotted lines. Dark sounds give mysteries and mystical looks. However, makeup generally chooses the tone, but Gamma should be guided by what is good for color type.

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The easiest for the big eye makeup to do this. Apply a matte eyeliner with a dark tone, making the tone in half a century, blending with the corners of the eyes. And apply a thin liquid eyeliner contour on the eyelashes.

Complete dark pencil-style makeup, the lower eyelids. If you want to mix. It is not recommended applying a lot of mascara, as the idea is not alive, “doll”.

Big Eyes Makeup
Big Eyes Makeup

For large green eyes The tone of the shadows is different, it is best to choose, depending on the color of the iris. For example, the shades of purple and emerald violet give it a radiance.

Makeup for large eyes can be done in Orange and sand tone. In general, raspberries and a combination of greens are considered to be the most beneficial, well-colored ones that reinforce each other.

Ho-for big blue eyes is the easiest. The fact that if itself – the most common, that is, will not be “numbers” of natural beauty of clear colors, preferring natural makeup. May be black pencil, but not for large white blue eyes. Gray maintains its beauty and black benefits accentuate the depth of color.

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