The best crayons and sticks to retouch gray easily (and quickly) from home

If you’re looking to cover your platinum locks easily and anywhere, let these gray hair sticks and crayons do the job. They are very practical and last hours!

gray easily
gray easily

When we talk about gray hair, there are three types of people: Those who love them and show off all the time, those who don’t care if they are there and those who want to cover them at any cost, right? However, we have to admit that there are times when we all want to hide them temporarily (for an important event or night), whether you are a lover or hater of them and, in this case, there is a solution to achieve it beyond the dye.

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Which? Apply bars or crayons to touch up gray hair! These products can be placed at any time and place where you are, without a permanent effect. In fact, they also do not damage your hair and save you from emergencies. So that you know the best that we have found, here we leave you a list with prices and places to get them.

Crayon to Retouch Gray Hair, by Bumble and Bumble

It is one of the most effective products to cover gray hair, since it is applied like a stick crayon to the hair, it blends easily and provides a velvety effect, thanks to its mineral pigment, fiber and microsphere technology. The best part? The finish resists until the next wash.

Tones: Black, brown and blonde

Black, brown and blonde

Cover That Gray Retouching Crayon by Claudia Stevens

Its applicator is in the form of a lipstick and it is enough to slide it on the white strands to make an instant touch-up. The advantages: It is suitable for women and men, does not require rinsing and is available in various shades so you can find the one that most closely resembles your hair.

Shades: Mahogany, light brown / blonde and reddish brown.

Mahogany, light brown / blonde and reddish brown
Mahogany, light brown / blonde and reddish brown

Root Touch-Up Quick Stick by Gray Away

The formula is a dry, velvety powder with a sponge applicator that blends color effortlessly. It adjusts to the color of the hair, is highly coverage, leaves no residue, resists rain, looks natural, is washed with shampoo and is free of peroxide, parabens, ammonia or aggressive chemical dyes.

Shades: Black / dark brown, light brown and light brown / medium blonde.

Black / dark brown
Black / dark brown

Root Cover Up Stick by Revolution Beauty

Provides total gray coverage and even hides hair thinning, typical of manes that are beginning to age. Our favorite part is that the product adheres to the hair fibers for a long time and does not leave a fake or greasy appearance!

Shades: Black, dark brown, light brown, red and dark blonde.

Brown and dark blonde.
Black, dark brownBlack, dark brown

Touch Up Stick by Rita Hazan

Although its main function is to easily retouch gray hair, it also fills in the areas of hair depopulated due to loss or loss. Pros: Handy bag size, waterproof, buildable coverage, ammonia and peroxide free, and comes with a color blending brush. Cons: It is available in few countries, such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Tones: Brown and dark blonde.

Brown and dark blonde.
Brown and dark blonde.

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