Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Exfoliating Mask

We learn to prepare a simple natural remedy with which to achieve hydrated, soft, luminous skin and free of dead skin!

A trick for which we need strawberries, yogurt and rosehip oil. In addition, we give you some advice, using a fruit that is never missing at home. to whiten teeth. Very attentive!

A smile, a luminous skin and a positive attitude will make us eat the world. And today, the protagonist for that is the strawberry.

How to prepare a strawberry and yogurt scrub, a combination that we will be able to use for both the body and the face.

But why strawberries and yogurt? The points of the strawberry are responsible for exfoliating the skin and the yogurt is anti-inflammatory and hydrates the skin. We are also going to add rosehip oil to this combination, which will be in charge of regenerating our skin. The result? A hydrated, soft, luminous skin and free of dead skin. Don’t miss the step by step!

  1. Cut some strawberries into pieces and put them in a container. It is a fruit that stands out for being rich in iron, magnesium, an excellent source of vitamins and an antioxidant! The amount of strawberries that we are going to use will vary depending on what we want to use each moment.

2. We are going to add natural yogurt to the strawberry pieces. What we are going to do with this mixture is grind it.

3. Finally, we are going to add a few drops of rosehip oil, the jewel of oils. What rosehip does is, in short, regenerate. If the yogurt and strawberries have washed away the dead skin, the rosehip oil will regenerate the skin.

And now we will only have to apply it on the skin, as we have commented previously, it can be on the face and on the body, to obtain all the benefits of this homemade trick.

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