How to learn how to properly apply makeup

There may be a variety of difficulties on your way, even if you are a professional or beginner in the ability to apply makeup, and as a result you may have swollen blue lips, rubbing red eyes.

In the article “How to learn how to properly apply makeup”, we will tell you how to avoid these problems. Our makeup tips will help you make your makeup especially spectacular and make you mysterious and attractive.

properly apply makeup
properly apply makeup

First decide for yourself what you want to get.

For which case should you do make-up? If, for example, you are going on a date with your lover, then makeup will have many different features and will be significantly different from makeup if you go to a serious office interview.

If you are beginning to doubt what you want to look like, it can help you with general options: this is job interview makeup, date makeup and special occasion makeup (party, wedding), casual makeup and more. . If you can not decide to go to a specialist in a beauty salon.

Especially emphasize one feature of the face.

Do not try to point out several features at once, as this may make you look like a clown. If you want to brighten your eyes, then you need to make your eyes look like the eyes of the famous Cleopatra. You want juicy lips, then enter a picture of the beautiful Brigitte Bardot.

Find the colors that are most suitable for you.

Once you have decided what features to distribute, you have decided on the choice of colors that will need to emphasize your beauty for this. When isolating your eyes, then focus on the means of applying makeup to your eyes: eyeliner, ink, eye shadow. Your dark eyes will look great within the purple, blue, light green shades.

Find the colors
Find the colors

If the eyes are blue, you can use them to choose from: gray, blue or rich, brown. You can use special makeup tests that will help you choose acceptable colors that will make you irresistible and beautiful. If you decide to part your lips somehow, then your lipstick color palette will be from autumn-brown to light red.

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Get ready to apply makeup.

After that, when you have decided which characteristics of the person you have determined, you have decided on the choice of means, then you need to prepare for the procedure and first you need to wash your face. On clean skin, the colors will be better superimposed, all this will make this procedure for applying makeup fast and easy.

After washing and drying your face, do a little facial massage, apply a little lip balm, let your lips fix it while drying your hands or combing your hair. Then you need to make sure that before the procedure for applying makeup that you are suitable for lighting the room, you can clearly see the details and the face.

Begin to learn how to apply makeup.

We begin to smooth the surface of your skin. To do this, we use a powder foundation or makeup. Carefully distribute the entire surface of the face, a healing remedy, so that the skin looks natural. There is probably no need to use powder or foundation, instead, you can use and take some foundation.

Makeup for your eyes.

If you use shadows, look carefully so that the color scheme is evenly distributed across the surface of your eyelid. The lightest of the shades should be applied directly under the eyebrow. Next is the average shade in the middle of the eyelid, and the darker one is distributed slightly above the lashes.

Makeup for your eyes
Makeup for your eyes

Use a pencil, you should pencil the inside of the eyelid, carefully holding the eyelids from the outside of the eyelid with your fingers. When applying eyeliner on the inside of the eyelid, you will also need to wear the outside of the eyelid. To find the best option for you, you need to experiment with different thick lines.

Makeup for your lips.

First, apply lipstick to the surface of the lower lip. Then with your index finger, we will distribute the color over the surface of the lower lip and then over the upper surface of the lip.

Makeup for your lips
Makeup for your lips

Remove the lipstick from the lips, then the process will be repeated from the very beginning, so the lipstick will be better fixed on the lips, and they will turn out attractive and beautiful.

If you use brushes to apply lipstick or lip gloss, then all this will not have the proper effect, which would emphasize the beauty of the lips. However, the method of constantly applying lipstick on the lips can preserve the color for a long time, and at the first opportunity does not allow it to wear out.

Beautiful, shiny lips.

To make your lips look shiny and thick, you need to use the method that was published above, but you need to use a few tips. Take a lip gloss in the form of lipstick or balm, apply a small amount of gloss on the surface of the lips, paying attention to the front parts of the lips.

We will apply to this area with a small amount of gloss, will make the lips look beautiful and attractive and will attract the attention of others. Use the technology described in paragraph 7 to distribute the gloss over the lip surface. And at the end of the procedure, put the top layer of gloss in the middle of the lower lip.

Makeup for your face.

If you are going to give effect to your eyes, apply the lipstick of pale color so that you can draw attention to the surrounding eyes from the lips. And when you want to separate the lips, you can use shadows for light colors or take gray or brown. We will put some ink on the lashes, and your picture will be ready. Look in the mirror and make sure everything is in order.

Makeup for your face
Makeup for your face

Do not forget to carefully, dry your face after washing. Do not rub them hard, red spots may appear.


When applying eye makeup, you can use different colors of eye shadow and different eyeliner pencils.
Lip balm can accentuate your beautiful and evenly colored lips.

We have learned how to learn properly, apply makeup on your face to emphasize the beauty and naturalness of your face.

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