How to avoid biting your lips?

If you look around, look at other people, you can see that some of them are biting their lips. And you should not convince anyone that this is, in the first place, harmful, and looks from the outside is not very beautiful. This habit must be eradicated and it is necessary to approach it seriously and responsibly. (avoid biting your lips)

avoid biting your lips
avoid biting your lips

The main thing is to overcome and defeat. Doctors, psychotherapists say that one of the reasons for this behavior is a psychological problem. If a person gets used to this habit, it eradicates it, and then on a psychological level, a person will get rid of his fears and experiences that were associated with him.

See for yourself

You need to see when addiction occurs. When solving a problem, are you nervous or watching a movie with interest? And when you notice that you start biting your lips, try to control the situation by adjusting to fight against yourself and convince yourself that it is you, not your habit, that wins.

Now that you are determined to fight, you need to start following the steps below – you need to try one way or another. And you know, these methods have helped a lot, so they will help you too.

Try lubricating your lips

One of the reasons for this habit is the fact that your lips are dry and need to be moisturized. One of the options, which, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone – is the use of decorative lipstick. This option is not suitable for children and men, and because such cosmetics have a pleasant taste, they can be eaten without causing nausea. As an option, suitable for everyone – hygienic lipstick or bitter balm. Have eaten such a nasty times, then you do not want to.

Our grandmothers saved the children from a bad mustard habit. But mustard is very strongly baked cracked or blood-stained lips, but from bitter colorless lipstick – no. And it moisturizes the lips, and its taste will be worse.

The main thing is calm

Some people bite their lips when they are nervous. Did you feel boiling and now you will break? It is necessary to slow down the breath, exhale slowly, inhale again, hold the breath for a while and exhale calmly. Do this several times. Imagine a light sea breeze or a cloudy blue sky.

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Such images will set you on a calm and confident wave, and your fears and anger will subside. By doing this you can not only get rid of many problems but also better control yourself in life.

Find a replacement

Try using a lip balm instead of a habit. It can be sunflower and sweet. But do not get carried away, and then instead of one addiction get another.

First, this method is good, when you notice that your lips no longer bite, stop using candy, sunflower seeds or something else.

Start talking

When you want to bite your lips, start a conversation. He will then be distracted from the topic of conversation. Stay alone – sing aloud, read the verse. When your habit manifests itself in moments of difficult meditation, speak this problem in your voice: your lips will remain intact and your thoughts will be even.

Psychological help

It seems that all the methods have been tested, but everything is the same as before. What should I do? It happens that different bad habits are an external manifestation of your inner experiences or problems. Then do not hesitate, you need to consult with specialists in the field of psychology or neurology. Especially because you really want to eliminate the unpleasant problem. (avoid biting your lips)

You can try using hypnosis. But you need to be absolutely confident in a specialist so that one problem does not develop into another, or you simply do not get paid.

Every person is different!

We have listed a few ways to get rid of the habit of biting our lips, but each person is an individual, so what is convenient for one can have a very bad effect on the other. Find your way by approaching this problem with all responsibility and know that you will succeed!

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