Make your hair color last longer

If you usually dye your hair, surely you have noticed how little the color lasts, because with the passage of time it loses more and more shine. Next we will give you some tips so that you know how to make your hair color last longer.

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Get the most color very easily

Before going to the beauty salon to apply the dye, you can give it some care that will help you absorb the product much better and that the color clings much more. It is recommended that you treat your hair with shampoos and conditioners with proteins and keratin. Keratin is known to protect the hair cuticle externally and rebuild internal damage by reflecting off the outside of the hair.

Another option you have is to stop washing your hair two days before undergoing the dyeing treatment so that the natural oils help protect your scalp and also help to better fix the color. After completing the entire process, avoid washing your hair for two or three days, as this way you will be able to strengthen the color even more.

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More tips:

Avoid washing your hair with very hot water, as this will make it less damaged. Get a special shampoo for colored hair and use it every time you wash your hair. If it is not possible to wash your hair because you cannot bear cold water, rinse it with warm water as cold as possible. Do this at least once or twice a week. It will help you prevent hair from losing its color more quickly.

Although any hair is damaged by the continuous use of the hot air dryer, the flat iron or the curling iron, dyed hair suffers much more from the attacks of the heat causing it to fade faster which will require a new application of dye sooner than expected. . To avoid this, let your hair dry naturally and in case you want to curl it, it is best to use tubes instead of the heat curler.

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Finally, keep in mind that it is much better to go to a beauty salon instead of doing the dyeing at home, as a professional will know perfectly which products to apply and how to do it.

Tell us, do you have a secret to make your hair color last longer? How often do you dye your hair?

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