How to perfectly make up your eyes in 6 steps

Good eye makeup will allow you to look beautiful and bring out your most seductive side, your eyes will be larger and your look will be deeper and more intense. (How to perfectly make up for eyes)

perfectly make up your eyes
How to perfectly make up for eyes

With this step by step we will show you the right order to make up your eyes and get a fabulous look, we will also show you a few tips and tricks when applying make-up.

Define your look and prepare your eyes:

Start by choosing three different colors from the same range that go well with each other. The main color is the shadow that will mark your look, you need a darker shadow to highlight the eye and another shade lighter than the previous ones to illuminate your look.

prepare your eyes
prepare your eyes

Before starting to apply makeup to your eyes, apply liquid foundation and concealer to the eyelid area. This keeps your makeup intact for longer, prevents creases and intensifies the color of the shadows.

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Apply the base color of your shadows:

Once the area of your face is prepared you can start with the shadows, first do it with the main color all over the eyelid, make sure to blend and match the color. Remember that the shade of this shade will be the one that marks your final look, so take the time to do this.

base color of your shadows
base color of your shadows

Shadows and their application according to the area of your eye:

Then use the darkest shade to mark depth and the lightest shade to brighten. Look at the following graphic to guide you in its correct application.

Tip: Remember that the shadow is accentuated more where you start to apply it and less where you blur it.



Using the liquid eyeliner, mark the contour of your eyes just above your upper lashes and below the lower ones. At the outer end of the eye, extend the line a little upwards and complete the figure as in the image.


Eyelash curling:

Now apply mascara to your eyelashes, start with the outer ones by taking them out with the applicator, to the center lashes take them up and the inner ones towards your nose in a circular motion.

Tip: Place a spoon on your eyelid to avoid smudging while applying mascara.

Eyelash curling
Eyelash curling

Finally, comb your eyebrows:

If you want to intensify your look even more, accentuate their color by using a dark shadow over them.

This is how fast you can put on your makeup every day, use this step by step to make your makeup routine easier and look beautiful. Dare to try this and other ways to always look perfect.

comb your eyebrows
comb your eyebrows

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