How to properly care for intimate places?

The motto of a modern woman is to be beautiful everywhere. Take care of yourself, we choose special means for each place on our body: face tonic, shower gel, hair shampoo. Even for the skin around the eyes, we have a special cleansing milk! And only “there” many still use the usual soap. To better understand this discrepancy, imagine that you washed your face with shampoo, and “better” with toothpaste. (properly care for intimate places)

properly care for intimate places

The natural barrier of our body:

The natural pH of the intimate area is different from the usual vaccinated 5.5. This acidic environment prevents the penetration of pathogens. Lactobacilli, contained in the microflora, serve as a natural barrier, the violation of which can lead to unwanted infection: thrush, bacterial vaginosis and other unpleasant things.

No matter how our mothers learned that soap is the best antiseptic, this hygienic medicine is not only useless, but also dangerous. Soap (toilet, baby and household) often has an alkaline reaction. And even its sole use leads to the neutralization of the “acid barrier” in the intimate area, expelling lactic acid from the vagina. The same goes for shower gel.

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In addition, these agents include quite aggressive detergent components. They wash the secretions well, but they overwhelm the skin of the genitals and can cause irritation. When you use soap or shower gel, the lactobacilli in the intimate areas die because they are not adapted for survival in conditions of pH change on the alkaline side. That is why intimate hygiene needs delicate products, which contain lactic acid, which maintains the normal microflora of the genitals.

Lactic acid is considered a key factor in the health of the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals, gynecologists consider it important to recommend intimate hygiene, specially developed on its basis.

Lactacid Femina products for daily use have a pH of 5.2 – which helps maintain the natural pH of the skin in the intimate areas, which creates a necessary barrier to infection.

All Lactacid Femin drugs create a natural barrier on the way to the penetration of the infection, melt the mucous membranes of the external genitalia and release the unpleasant odor.

Lemacticide Femina – not just a hygienic tool for intimate areas – it is preventing your female health.

After all, a woman’s health in an intimate sense depends primarily on her future, and also on whether she will be healthy. If a woman has any problems or disorders in the intimate area, she may even remain completely sterile. And infertility, as a result, leads to long and severe depression and uncontrollable situation.

To always feel comfortable and “clean”, it is recommended to observe constant hygiene in intimate places. This is more important than ever in the critical days when a woman experiences little stress and ill health. Therefore, not only in your personal hygiene, but also in your food, try not to sit on the toilet in public places (shower, toilet), do not wipe with another towel.

After all, for example, this disease of the intimate zone microflora, such as thrush, can lead to complete dysfunction of the ovaries and other important female organs. But even this is possible only if the woman does not follow the simplest rules of hygiene. Be careful and watch your habits. Try not to make mistakes and then not “heat up” all the problems yourself.

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