Ladybug nail manicure, on your hands and on your feet!

We show you how to make an original and colorful nail design in red and black polka dots like a ladybug. Perfect for hands and feet! Ladybug nail manicure

Ladybug nail manicure, on your hands and on your feet!
nail manicure

If you fancy a very original nail look, try this polka dot pedicure. Your inspiration? The colorful ladybugs of the field. You only need 2 colored enamels and 1 fine brush, take aim!

Ladybug Nail Manicure Kit:

  • Red nail lacquer.
  • Black nail lacquer.
  • Fine brush for nail design.

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Ladybug Nail Manicure Kit
Nail Manicure Kit

How to do ladybug nail manicure:

  • File your nails in a square shape with slightly rounded edges.
  • Apply the base polish all over the nail, in this case, the red lacquer. Let it dry well before drawing the moles.
  • To draw the black polka dots using a fine brush. Smear the tip of the brush on the black polish and paint several spots.
How to do ladybug nail
How to do ladybug nail

The ladybug nail design can be applied to both hands and feet to create original manicures and pedicures.

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