Micellar shampoo: the latest trend in hair beauty products

the latest trend in hair beauty products
latest trend in hair beauty products

Have you heard of micellar shampoo? A natural product, without sulfates or silicones, that deeply cleanses the hair and leaves it healthy and shiny. What are you waiting to try? the latest trend in hair beauty products (latest trend in hair beauty products)

Micellar water has become essential in our facial cleansing routine. It stands out for its power to attract dirt and clean in-depth, without the need to rub. In addition, it is a product that does not damage the skin, so it is indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

After the success of micellar water, micellar shampoo hits the market. A product that promises to be just as revolutionary. Like micellar water, micellar shampoo is made up of micelles. Particles that work like a magnet attracting and trapping dirt and grease, without damaging the hair. The result is instantly soft and clean hair.

Benefits of micellar shampoo:

The hair is totally exposed to pollution. In addition, unlike the skin, it does not have active cellular mechanisms to defend itself against impurities. The result: dull hair with split ends. To this is added the use of products with sulfates and silicones that damage the hair.

Benefits of micellar shampoo
Benefits of micellar shampoo

The great advantage of the micellar shampoo is that it deeply cleanses the hair with micelles without sulfates or silicones. A natural formula, not aggressive with the hair, which keeps it healthy, clean and hydrated at all times.

Micelles capture dirt and grease, and in contact with water they remove it. In this way, they deeply cleanse from roots to ends. Something that is not achieved with traditional chemical shampoos, which only wash away dirt.

For what type of hair is its use recommended?

The micellar shampoo is recommended for daily use, as it cleans deeply and is not aggressive at all. Its deep cleaning function makes it a very useful product for people with oily hair. However, it adapts perfectly to all hair types and leaves the mane loose, shiny, and clean.

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type of hair is its use recommended
type of hair is its use recommended

Another revolutionary function of this type of micelle products is that they are very effective on frizzy hair. They eliminate frizz instantly and allow you to show off a loose and smooth mane.

We can also find micellar conditioners that give the ends an extra softness. It is best to apply them after soaping, from medium to ends, and rinse after a couple of minutes.

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