Makeup fixer, the perfect ally to avoid staining the mask

Moisture and sweat are two factors that can ruin your look for the day. Added to this problem is an even more frustrating one: the mask, which takes away the makeup of the day in one go.


One of the great allies to face these three problems is makeup fixer, a cosmetic that will seal or fix your makeup so that it lasts longer and so that it does not stain the mask! Learn how this product works, how it is applied and where to find it.

One of the hottest selling items during the pandemic is makeup fixers. The reason? Its effectiveness in preventing our makeup from staining the mask on duty.

Before the mandatory use of the mask as an element of protection against sars-cov-2, makeup fixers were rather the secret of professional makeup artists to make their works last for hours and hours without breaking or cracking due to humidity or not shiny from sweat. They were also seen in countless tutorials, always used by influencers or youtubers who wanted to test the durability of the tested product.

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With the outbreak of the pandemic came a frustrating problem for makeup lovers and Google questions like “How to prevent my makeup from staining the mask?” they stood at the top of the podium. All of us, practically all of us, needed a product so that our work, our look for the day, remained intact despite the mask or bad weather.

For this reason, we propose to teach you what a makeup fixative is, how to use it and which are the best on the market. Moisture

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