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Coconut oil and its many “beauty” uses

beauty Tips

Coconut oil and its many beauty uses Coconut oil is one of those great unguents that can work wonders on our body, from having smooth skin like a baby’s to getting whiter teeth. Still don’t know everything you can do with coconut oil? We tell you about our beauty tips. …

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Vinegar, your new beauty ally


Discover the usefulness of this product beyond the kitchen and everything it can do with your skin and hair. Take note! (Vinegar with beauty) Vinegar with beauty It’s time to get the vinegar out of the kitchen and into your beauty routine. It has properties that manage to balance the …

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4 Homemade and easy beauty tricks

Home made beauty tips

Don’t have too much time to get ready? Don’t worry!… (Home made beauty tips) Many times we have the false belief that to look ideal or to take care of ourselves we need beauty products, which are also anything but cheap. However, this is not entirely true, since it is …

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