4 tricks for perfect eyebrows with pieces you have in the kitchen (and bathroom)

Discover how to make your eyebrows on point with just a spoon, a fork, a toothbrush and soap. The tricks will surprise you! (perfect eyebrows tricks)

perfect eyebrows
perfect eyebrows

Do you no longer know what to do with your eyebrows in this quarantine? Relax! We were just like you with unruly hairs and without many definitions due to the closure of beauty salons, until a brow expert shared with us the best tricks to make eyebrows with kitchen and bathroom utensils.

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Rochy Arzate (National Brow Artist of Benefit Cosmetics) revealed the tips, we put them to the test, we verified that they really work and today we explain them to you, along with other tips so that you can keep your eyebrows defined and under control, even in confinement. Shall we start?

The trick to make eyebrows with a spoon:

‘Place the spoon above the eye, where you want the base of your brow contour to be. Along the edge of the spoon, outline the base. To do this, use a shade darker than that of your eyebrow (you can use any type of product), ‘says Rochy.

eyebrows with a spoon
eyebrows with a spoon

If you like well-defined brows, Instagram style, you can also trace the upper outline and make a perfect frame.

The trick to make eyebrows with a fork:

‘This tip is to help those who have difficulty creating hair with strokes that mimic real hair growth. Hold the tips of the fork up to your eyebrow, in the direction you want the strokes to be drawn. Fill in between the tips of the fork with a pencil and get an eyebrow with natural hair! ‘, Says the expert. To make the effect look organic, use an ultra-fine tip eyebrow pencil and position the fork as best suits you.

perfect eyebrows tricks
eyebrows with a fork

The trick to make eyebrows with a toothbrush:

‘When your favorite brow gel runs out and is taking a long time to arrive, grab a toothbrush (or small brush) and your hair fixative. Spray fixative on the brush, keeping it about 12 inches from the face. Then simply brush the brow hair as you normally would with your favorite gel! ” Arzate proposes. This tip is 100% approved, as it keeps the brows in place all day.

perfect eyebrows tricks
perfect eyebrows tricks

The trick to make eyebrows with soap:

We have already talked about this trick to comb the eyebrows and make them thicker with soap before, but we explain it to you once again, since it is perfect for those who do not want to put on makeup!

Take a completely clean brow brush and run it over a bar of soap, as if you were scraping. Now, brush your brows up and start shaping them. Once you are done, you will notice much more definition and thickness, without applying a drop of makeup!

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