Six recipes with the pomegranate as the protagonist

This fruit contains beneficial properties for health, as well as being the perfect option to bring freshness to our dishes during the autumn months. (Pomegranate)


The best time to consume pomegranate is from September to November. Although its season is somewhat short, this fruit contains a long list of beneficial properties that, together with its intense and fruity flavor, make it one of the best alternatives to enjoy during the autumn months.

Its properties include its high content of vitamins C, B2 and B9, in addition to providing a large amount of hydrates and being rich in antioxidants. Its high amount of fiber, likewise, can help prevent problems related to constipation.

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In short, this fruit, whose properties have been known since the Persian empire,

contains benefits not only in its consumption but also in the form of regenerating the skin, maintaining its texture and elasticity if used as a body oil.

Although it can be enjoyed directly and as a dessert, this food offers dozens of ways to cook allowing you to create the tastiest and healthy dishes:

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