Short-form exercises

You want to stay in shape, but you have absolutely no time to either go to the fitness club or devote enough attention to home training. What is the solution? Mini workout in just 1, 5, 8 or 12 minutes! You can always find time for them, and the result of them is not worse than a full-time hour of training. (Short-form exercises)

Everyone, especially in the field of fitness, from the professor of kinesiology to a personal trainer, will agree with this statement: it is very important how long or hard you train, but how often and regularly you do it. In this context, five to twenty minutes of training per week is much more effective than two hours, but one.

Short-form exercise
Short-form exercises

Numerous scientific studies repeat this simple logic: short and frequent exercises help the body to control blood sugar and keep blood pressure within normal limits compared to long but rare.

Danish scientists have found that even athletes who train in a factional regime, in the end, burn more calories than their less bloated opponents. In principle, everything for us, always busy (or weak will), is very successful.

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There is free time – you can work, and all these minutes during the day and Sunday will be added to the accumulative effect. Plus, such cunning tactics allow you to increase the intensity of each training to the end.

By the way, extending the maximum for one minute is much easier than trying to maintain the required level of load for one hour. But closer to the point. Below are extraordinary solutions for pieces of different lengths that you cut them. Enjoy!

Exercises for 1 minute: train the whole body at once:

For such a short time, the miracle exercise is birch. After all, this is a kind of standard among weight training exercises, because it is difficult even for a connoisseur of anatomy to name a muscle group that does not participate in it. Well, thanks to the constant change of body position in space, bacteria create a great burden on the cardiovascular system, training its endurance.(Short-form exercises)

Do this: stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms down to the sides. Sit down and put your hands on the floor. Now jump back into the lying position so that the body forms a straight line from the head to the heels. Jump back to the sitting position, then turn your legs and jump, raising your arms above the finished one. They were all one repetition. Do your best for the moment.

Load adjustment: if you want to simplify the birch – do not throw directly on the bed, but straighten the legs one by one. Ready to complicate – do the bottom end in one click.

Exercises for 5 minutes: handle the press:

Traditional twists not only lose the abdominal muscles but can leave a memory of pain in the lower back or neck. Our exercises are safe and painless, plus load the desired muscles with all possible angles.

Do it: You complete all the movements in a row with minimal rest between them. When you are done, go back to the first one and repeat the whole chain again. Continue until the five-minute period expires.(Short-form exercises)

  • Roll-off of fitball.
    Stand in front of the ball on your knees, placing the last one at the width of your hips and forearms – on the surface of the projectile. Reduce the abdominal muscles and, without bending in the lower back, lean forward smoothly, straighten your arms. Hold a second pause, then return to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.
  • Fitball grouping.

Place your hands on the floor shoulder width apart and place your feet on the ball. Keep all limbs absolutely straight and do not place them on the lower back. Now smoothly flip the projectile over your shoulders, raising your pelvis. At the same time, keep your arms straight. Hold for a second and return to the starting position. Perform 1o repetitions.

Folding lying.

Lie on your back, placing your hips at right angles to your body, and your legs at right angles to your hips. Put your hands in front of you, on each side of your hips. At the same time, straighten your legs and move your arms back. Return to starting position. Do 10 repetitions.(Short-form exercises)

Side slat with rotation.

Start from the position of the bar – it is like lying down, but standing on your elbows. Place your elbows firmly under the frames of the wrists, abdomen and buttocks, do not sway in the lower back. Turn your body by standing on your left forearm. Hold this position for 2 seconds, return to the starting position and turn to the other side. Keep turning for 30 seconds.

Exercises for 8 minutes: scattering the metabolism:

This express training program was developed by Craig Bellantin, author of Turbulent Training. Here everything is as it should be: it develops endurance, melts fat and strengthens muscles.

Do this: Start with the first exercise and complete the entire 4-minute interval. Only after this goes to the next movement.(Short-form exercises)

  • Full squat

Put your legs a little wider than your shoulders and slightly rotate your socks, arms down, sit down. In one motion, straighten your legs, stand on your toes and stretch your arms in front of you. Return to starting position. Do maximum repetitions for 20 seconds, then leave for 10 seconds – it will be one set. Do these eight in a row.

  • Drops with changing legs

Take a step forward with your right foot and descend into the launch, bending both knees. Pull your right foot off the floor and return, holding it on the weight. Immediately step back with the same right foot and immerse yourself in extinction again, now with the left foot forward. Get up from the jump, bring the right foot to the left – and you will complete one repetition. Do this for a maximum of 20 seconds, leave for 10 seconds (this is one set), and change legs. Keep changing sides after each break. Just do eight sets: four right legs and the same left.

Exercises for 12 minutes: Improving cardio:

Most interval training involves only two speeds – supersonic and snail pace. But ours is full of a third option – average speed. According to Professor Jens Bangsbau of the University of Copenhagen, this method allows a higher heart rate to be maintained. Plus it has a positive effect on the speed of movement in general. That is, after training our “cat”, you can quickly overcome your favorite distance, whatever it was.

Do it: follow this 12-minute plan after a short warm-up. By the way, you can use any cardio for this. Finish the hook.

Take it easy:

  • 0: 31-0: 50 Start at an average speed for you.
  • 0: 51-1: 00 Maximize her speed!
  • 1: 01-5: 00 Repeat the whole cycle four more times.
  • 5: 01-6: 59 Don’t run. Go peacefully.
  • 7: 00-7: 30 Slow boom.
  • 7: 31-7: 50 Go from the average speed for you.
  • 7: 51-8: 00 Maximize her speed!
  • 8: 01-12: 00 Repeat the whole cycle four more times.

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