Solutions to overcome vitamin D deficiency

Sunlight is one of the main sources of vitamin D, a very important nutrient for our bones, muscles, nervous system and immune system to function properly. How do we replace the vitamin D deficit of these days in a healthy and balanced way? (vitamin D deficiency)

vitamin D deficiency

UV light from the sun is what activates enzymes (proteins) in our cells that transform vitamin D precursors into vitamin D.

Our exposure to sunlight has been drastically reduced, thus compromising our ability to absorb vitamin D

Due to the confinement decreed as a result of the state of alarm due to the coronavirus crisis, our exposure to sunlight has been drastically reduced, so our ability to absorb vitamin D is also compromised.

If we have a terrace or balcony on which out of the sun, it is very important that we dedicate 20 minutes of our day to sunbathing directly, without sunscreen or sunglasses.

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But what if we don’t have it? Sunbathing through a window does not help us to absorb vitamin D and let’s not forget that the shortage of this vitamin brings health problems that these days, in addition, especially affect people very vulnerable to the coronavirus, such as osteoporosis in old people.

In the event that our body does not absorb enough vitamin D through the sun’s rays, it is necessary to look for alternatives: either increase the intake of foods rich in this vitamin or take supplements rich in vitamin D, as does the majority of the population of the Nordic countries, who have found in this practice a solution to the shortage of hours of sunshine in which they permanently live.

Sun creams hinder the absorption of vitamin D

Sun creams
Sun creams

We know that sunscreens block the absorption of sunlight, but as a consequence they also block our body’s ability to absorb and later metabolize vitamin D.

In fact, in summer, the lack of vitamin D is usually caused by a combination of the use of sun creams and an unbalanced diet, as Leticia Carrera, director of the Felicidad Carrera center, recalls: “We are more aware and protect ourselves more from the sun, the pigmentation of our skin blocks UVB rays and in our diet we do not include the necessary amount of blue fish, whole milk, eggs and liver “.

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