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When you turn red and it’s not from shame


This condition mainly attacks the face, reddening it to such an extent that it can even cause deformities and marks on the skin that remain for life. (Red Face) Face Care Tip Rosacea is a skin condition that affects fair-skinned people, generally of European descent. It manifests itself with redness …

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Microdermabrasion: Renewed and spotless face


During this summer, the sun’s rays did their thing, leaving traces on our skin and the new spots are the reflection of our vacations. When we no longer did anything to prevent them, we can resort to microdermabrasion, a solution that will allow us to eliminate spots or, at least, …

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The blush you need according to your face

Blush Your Face

Healthy, pale, or overly pink. Applying blush looks easy, but this simple step has its rules. See what an expert told us: Simply essential in makeup. Roses, browns, violets or peaches, the color and the application do not matter, it all depends on the skin tone and the style you …

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