The best brushes to detangle hair (without breaking it)

Does detangling your hair become a little nightmare? It is possible that you are not using the correct brush or you are giving it a bad use. Take note of these tips! The best brushes to detangle hair..

best brushes
best brushes

If your hair becomes tangled very easily and it is difficult for you to undo knots, in addition to previously facilitating styling with shampoo and mask for your hair type, you should choose a good detangling brush that does not break your hair. But also, you must make good use of it.

Types of detangling brushes according to your hair:

Airbrushes are the best option for detangling hair, while giving it flexibility and flexibility. They will present different characteristics that are better adapted to your type of hair, depending on whether it is more or less thick. Keep in mind that fine hair is the most fragile to breakage, they need soft brushes that combine various types of fibers such as nylon and wild boar.

  • Nylon fiber brush. Narrow and flexible nylon fiber bristle brushes are stronger and come in different lengths, combining shorter and longer bristles. Perfect for detangling fine hair dry, although it can also be used wet.
  • Brush with wild boar fibers. Natural boar bristle brushes add shine to hair without damaging it, help remove dead skin, improve hair health and close the cuticle. They are used on dry hair.
  • Mixed brush of wild boar and nylon fibers. Brushes that combine natural boar and nylon fibers are a good option for detangling hair, especially if it is fine and fragile. Also for brushing hair extensions as they do not damage the bond. They are used on dry hair.

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Racket or paddle brush Tangle Teezer Wet detangler Midnight Black

paddle brush Tangle
paddle brush Tangle

As for the design you will find different models. The skeleton brush is suitable for all hair types, especially for short hair giving volume. On curly hair it will help define curls and on thick hair it will allow easy detangling. While the racket or paddle brush allows you to brush wide locks, so it is especially suitable for medium and long hair, and a good option if you have fine hair or curly hair.

The best-selling detangling brushes:

What are the best-selling detangling brushes? These are the most desired by users, for fine hair, for curly hair …

detangling brushes
  1. Tangle Teezer Multi-Spike Detangling Brush – With fine, flexible spikes for a more pleasant and less aggressive brushing of the scalp. Eliminates tangles, knots and helps prevent hair breakage thanks to its two-length bristles: the long bristles remove tangles without pulling and the shorter bristles add shine by smoothing the hair cuticle.
  2. Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Multi-Barbed Detangling Brush – Brush for thick, curly or afro hair, thick and curly hair leaves hair soft, shiny and tangle-free.
  3. Olivia Garden Fingerbrush Combo Brush – Medium size brush with a mix of boar bristles and nylon, smoothes the hair while brushing, adds shine and volume. A unique hand-shaped design for a scalp message on dry or wet hair.
Bursh 5
  1. Natural Fiber Detangling Brush – Brush for fine hair, made of renewable natural materials from wheat fibers, rice husks and resin polymer. Recyclable and reusable.
  2. Denman hairbrush. Large multifunctional brush to detangle long hair, blow dry, style, define curls and straighten hair.

Good use of the brush: How to detangle your hair without breaking it?

In addition to having a quality brush indicated for your hair, you should know how to put it to good use. Are you detangling your hair correctly or, on the contrary, are you damaging it with brushing?

  • Before getting down to work, it will make your job easier if you apply a detangling product.
  • Better to remove moisture before the hair, since when it is wet it is more fragile and vulnerable to breakage.
  • To avoid breaking the hair, always brush gently without jerking.
  • The correct brushing is done from the inside (the nape) and the strands are untangled outwards. And from bottom to top, that is, first untangle the ends, which is the most fragile part, holding the lock closely, and once brushed then go up to the middle and brush towards the ends, and finally brush all the hair from the roots to tips
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Note / tip: Brush the hair dry daily and when you go to wash it, detangle the hair before and after. Use a wide-toothed comb or a specific brush to detangle.

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