The blush you need according to your face

Healthy, pale, or overly pink. Applying blush looks easy, but this simple step has its rules. See what an expert told us: Simply essential in makeup. Roses, browns, violets or peaches, the color and the application do not matter, it all depends on the skin tone and the style you want to wear.

For this reason we spoke with Alberto Lerda, make up artist at Natura who gave us some useful tips to look healthy and fashionable.

Blush Your Face
Blush Your Face

Applying it with an angular blush brush allows you to define the cheekbone area, taking into account that a small amount should be applied so as not to cause a stain.

The makeup expert maintains that the first thing is to identify the shape of our face (for this you can see the types of faces that we tell you below).

When the face is wide, the blush should be applied forming an inverted triangle, so the face looks more stylized. On the other hand, when the face is long, the blush should be placed as a horizontal line starting from the middle of the ear and taking care that the blush is in the center of the cheekbone, in this way an effect is obtained that makes the face look more round.

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Face types:


This face is as long as it is wide creating a circle.


As its name indicates it is an oval face, slightly longer than it is wide, it has a broad forehead and the chin tapers smoothly and gradually.


If the length of the face is greater than the width, it can be called a long or rectangular face, if they are almost equal it is square. This type of face has a strong jaw.


The forehead is the facial feature that dominates this face shape. It is generally a thin face.

Face Colors:

When choosing the blush thinking about enhancing the skin tone there are several shades that are adaptable and correct, Alberto Lerda gives us the following tips: (blush looks easy)

Yellowish or pale skin:

Blushes in orange and pink tones enhance it by modifying the skin tone.

White skin:

It is recommended to use shades in the range of peaches, apricots or pink.

Naturally reddish skin and cheeks:

It is best not to apply any type of blush, since this type of skin has a natural color.

Dark skin or ebony:

The ideal is to apply blushes in a wine or purple tone, these should be applied with great discretion, since they are strong pigment blushes and denote their application.

Compact, mouse the liquid?

Compact blush:

The most traditional and easy to use. It can be applied to all skin types and is applied with brushes or brushes.

Cream blush:

Special for dry skin. It is applied with the fingertips or sponge.

Liquid or gel blush:

Gives more translucent colors that reveal the skin tone. They can be used on oily and normal skin. They can be difficult to apply, but they last longer than the others. This is also applied with the fingers. (blush looks easy)

Products in Market:

Some alternatives available in the trade Blush and Bubble from Tiendas

Cheek blush with a smooth and silky consistency, its formula contains moisturizing ingredients that give the product an intense softness. Contains vegetable oils and lanolin that hydrates the skin. It is easy to apply without leaving stains. It is appropriate to be used on the cheeks, but can also be used as an eyeshadow with a wet effect.

Natura Una Cream and Lipstick Blush:

Two-in-one product that can be used as a blush and lipstick. With vitamin C. It has a creamy texture and a velvety touch. Oil free.

Pamela Grant Compact Blush with Brush:

Soft texture blush with a light application. Allows to illuminate and color the face with a natural finish. Brushed for quick and easy application.

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