Vaseline on the eyebrows? We tell you what it is for and how to use it

Having thick, bushy and under control, eyebrows are possible just by applying a little Vaseline. Discover what it is for, how to apply it, and other benefits of this beauty elixir. (petroleum jelly)

petroleum jelly
Vaseline on the eyebrows

If there is an ingredient that you should definitely have in your beauty stock, it is petroleum jelly, as it is very useful to relieve irritations, burns, dryness, and even split ends.

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And not only that, recently strong properties have been attributed to the eyebrows that today we will reveal if they are true (or not), in addition to that we will tell you how to use it safely so that it does not cause any type of reaction.

On your marks, ready? Take note!

What is Vaseline for eyebrows?

Vaseline is a substance derived from petroleum, made up of oils and waxes that create a protective barrier to retain moisture. Contrary to what many believe, there is not enough research to ensure that this product makes eyebrows grow. However, applying a thin coat DOES make them look healthier, smoother, brighter and thicker-looking, while adding hold to the most unruly hairs.

The best? It is a very affordable and durable product.

petroleum jelly
petroleum jelly

How to use Vaseline on the eyebrows safely?

Vaseline is an occlusive that locks in moisture, but it settles on the skin and is comedogenic. This means that it clogs the pores and is more advisable to apply in people with dry skin, than in those who have a tendency to acne. On the other hand, it is a safe substance to use in people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin, since its probability of reaction is low.

How to use Vaseline
How to use Vaseline

Due to these properties of petroleum jelly, experts recommend applying it at night, after washing the face, so that its benefits have an effect on the eyebrows throughout the rest time.

In fact, the best way to use petroleum jelly is to take a thin layer with a cotton swab, place it on the eyebrows with gentle circular movements and at the end use a completely clean spoolie to comb and remove the excess product.

Can you use petroleum jelly every day? Yes! Just remember that it is not highly recommended for very oily or acne skin, to avoid the formation of breakouts.

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