Vertical and horizontal lines on the nails: do they anticipate a disease?

Do not be alarmed, it is probably something related to aging. However, it is better to be safe than sorry (Vertical and horizontal lines on the nails)

Vertical and horizontal lines on the nails

Have lines appeared on your nails? Before you panic, keep in mind that the main cause is your own aging. With age, the possibility that you will find them increases, although the origin may be another cause.

First of all, we must differentiate between what the vertical lines are (which go from the tip of the nail to the cuticle) and the horizontal lines (they occupy the width of the nail), because although aesthetically neither of them is appealing, yes They have different origins.

At the same time, both types can indicate a lack of vitamins in our diet or, directly, that we must rethink our way of eating and opt for healthier nutrition.

Visit the dermatologist:

As we said, the main cause of the appearance of vertical lines is age, but if their appearance is accompanied by pain, roughness, easy to break or they are too unsightly, a visit to the dermatologist is recommended for advice.

Visit the dermatologist
Visit the dermatologist
It will be necessary to worry if these lines appear together with pain or changes in the color of the nail

Likewise, according to what they tell us from Il Corriere, their appearance can be a cause of dehydration, frequent manicures and if you are a person with dry skin, you have a greater chance of them appearing. Among other causes – more minority – of this type of clefts are some types of anemia, which are accompanied by color changes in the nails, changes in their texture and even nicks.

If they appear in youth, you do have to worry because we could be facing a rare genetic disorder known as Darier’s disease, a genodermatosis characterized by the existence of small eruptions with a characteristic odor.

Consequence of infections:

As for horizontal lines, they are known as Beau’s Lines and they normally occur as a consequence of a temporary decrease in the growth process of the nail.

If the nail stops growing, a visit to the dermatologist is more than recommended

Normally, they do not announce a disease, but are the result of an infection, a disease or even having been at very low temperatures. Thus, not enough nutrients are received and the nail stops growing. The small grooves are like slight stops in growth.

For them to return to their natural state, you just have to wait. The nails will regenerate and the healthy part will replace the affected one. Those of the hands grow in a period of approximately six months and those of the feet need between six and twelve months.

However, in some cases, especially if we notice that the nail stops growing, they can announce a future infection of our body, so a visit to the dermatologist is more than recommended.

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