Weight loss through proper Nutrition

Decided to lose weight? They will help you with a proper diet, as a way to lose weight you can use low-calorie foods. (Weight loss through proper Nutrition)

Weight loss through proper Nutrition
Weight loss through proper Nutrition

If you are determined to lose weight in the new year, we advise you to wear the heaviest jeans, take all the junk food out of the cupboards and swear to them;

  • Learn how to prepare at least two healthy meals.
  • There is always a healthy diet that does not require cooking.
  • Keep ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables in the fridge at eye level to get to your eyes first.
  • Gradually, one by one, get rid of bad habits (for example, go for low-fat ice cream and replace cookies with whole-grain bread).

Nutrients for nutrition:

It’s time to reconsider your annoying breakfast. Today, a large selection of delicious cereals from rice, corn and flax is offered (an alternative for people with wheat allergies).

Many of them are rich in fiber (so you do not feel hungry for long), and some are fortified with calcium, iron and folic acid. Diet Board: Choose a breakfast that contains at least 3 grams of fiber and less than 8 g (2 tablespoons) of sugar per serving, because in some cereals, 30 percent of all calories are sugar.

When the low-fat sauce is not the best choice in the diet:

You may be proud of yourself for making a salad that does not contain cheese, olives, nuts, or even a drop of fat in the sauce. However, if the salad does not contain fat, its nutrients, which protect against cancer and heart disease, are much weaker than the body (if any), according to a recent scientific study.

During the experiment, three women and four men aged 19-28 were three times offered the same salad, made from spinach, romaine salad, cherry tomatoes and carrots, dressed in 0.6 or Italian sauce. 28 grams of beet oil (portion of sauce always consisted of 4 tablespoons, regardless of fat content). After each meal, participants tested their blood levels of lycopene, alpha and beta-carotene.

What are the results? After a salad with skim sauce, beta-carotene was not assimilated by any of the participants! The absorption of all three nutrients was much more efficient if the participants ate a salad with fat sauce or with a reduced fat content. You can use low-fat sauce if you eat salad as part of a high-fat lunch or dinner.

However, if your lunch consists of one salad, it is best to dress it with a sauce with reduced fat content, scientists recommend. Accordingly, if you want to enjoy a young carrot, soak it in a not too greasy sauce – so that it will bring more benefits to your body.

Warning: food label:

Small parts can be bigger than you think. If you control the number of calories by buying your favorite food in a piece, you may get more than agreed. It turns out that the weight stated on the packaging of such products is often the opposite of their actual weight.

The researchers tested 99 products that are sold in a package per serving or already divided into portions (for example, sliced ​​bread). It turned out that only in 37 cases the exact weight was stated and more than half of the products (47) contained more calories than what was said on the label! Violators were mainly packaged with cereals – for example, cereals and a dry breakfast. (Weight loss through proper Nutrition)

They usually weigh 10-12 percent more than what is written on the label. This means that you count on 10-100 calories per serving “, without a doubt. Other products that exceed the weight listed on the package are muffin muffins, chocolate mini-donuts and apple cookies.

Surprisingly, the fact: chocolate and snacks, such as chips, onions, popcorn and cheese, are weighed exactly as labeled, but the weight of packages with bread, pockets and rolls is usually different from the real thing.

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The answer to this unexpected problem: buy scales! Sometimes it will not be superfluous to you take your favorite snacks and make sure you are told the truth about the label.

Burn more calories with milk in food:

Scientists believe that a daily consumption of 700 ml of low-fat milk or low-fat milk helps in weight loss. However, milk is not a magic solution. If you follow a low-calorie diet and drink 700 ml of milk a day, then, as research shows, you can lose weight by burning more fat. Increase the amount of milk consumed, on the advice of nutritionists:

  • Eat whole grains for breakfast and drink a glass of skim milk.
  • In a bar instead of black coffee, order a glass of latte with skim milk.
  • Make your lunch useful by adding skim milk to your favorite soup.
  • Prepare a cocktail of skim milk with fruit cubes and ice to support strength in the afternoon.

At what time of day is it best to measure yourself and how often should you do it the right way?

The best time to measure is in the morning (after you have been to the toilet and before breakfast). We do not recommend getting on the stairs more often than once a week. The weight is constantly changing, and this often puts women in despair.

If you are trying to lose weight through exercise, especially strength, it is likely that you will build muscle mass while getting rid of fat. Therefore, pointing out the balance will not reflect your achievements properly. The figure, which in this case is shown with scales, is deceptive, because it does not distinguish between body fat and “lean” mass, ie the weight of your muscles, bones, internal organs, tissues and blood.

Very thin people are not necessarily thin, but in people who do not have fat, not always a slender figure, physiologists claim. In addition to weight once a week, our experts recommend testing your body fat every 3-6 months. Because there are significant errors in all methods, the use of two different methods, for example, the caliper thickness measurement method and the bioelectrical resistance measurement method (you can use a scale to determine body fat percentage) will allow you to understand what stage you are at.

However, even if experienced people help you, the results obtained can deviate significantly from the real situation. The method of measuring bioelectric resistance is particularly sensitive to the level of fluid in the body; if your body is dehydrated, then the amount of your body fat can be greatly overestimated.

If you use the method of measuring skin threads using a caliper (a special electronic device), we recommend that you write down the measurement data for each of the 3-7 parts of the body, and after a while, repeat the measurements and compare the results.

Such an analysis can give a more positive picture of your weight gain than just the percentage of body fat, because the same formulas used to calculate the total content of body fat in the body may not be accurate for absolutely everyone.

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