When you turn red and it’s not from shame

This condition mainly attacks the face, reddening it to such an extent that it can even cause deformities and marks on the skin that remain for life. (Red Face)

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Rosacea is a skin condition that affects fair-skinned people, generally of European descent. It manifests itself with redness in the central part of the face, cheeks, nose, or forehead, and can affect the neck and chest, but less frequently. (Red Face)

According to dermatologist Carla Munoz, this condition starts with a redness that responds to different external stimuli such as hot places and some spicy foods, generating a red color on the face.

Then the dilated veins appear and later red pimples and pimples appear on the face. In more extreme cases, usually in men, there can be an increase in the soft tissues, that is, parts such as the nose, for example, become enlarged.

There are different degrees of rosacea and these depend on the symptoms that are manifested. Among them we can mention:

The Erythematous-Telangiectatic Rosacea:

It is the permanent reddish coloration with a tendency to a greater redness easily. It is common to have small, visible blood vessels near the surface of the skin and possibly a burning and itching sensation.

The Papulopustular Rosacea:

It is recognized by the permanent reddish coloration added to reddened pimples (papules) that some may contain pus (pustules) and that lasts between 1 to 4 days. This subtype can easily be mistaken for acne.

Fimatous Rosacea:

A subtype commonly associated with thickening of the skin, nodules with an irregular surface and an increase in size. Visible superficial blood vessels may be present.

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It is important to clarify that rosacea affects both sexes, but it is almost three times more common in women (it occurs a lot during menopause) and has a developmental age between 20 and 60 years.

The presence of redness on the scalp or ears suggests a different diagnosis, as rosacea is primarily a facial diagnosis. To treat this condition, Dr. Muñoz recommends avoiding external elements that can cause it, as well as the use of certain dermatological products and medications.

Developed to combat its consequences, Ruboril is a treatment for skin with rosacea that consists of 6 products that attack the redness and dilation of the capillaries that irrigate the dermis in the form of branches or spider web, which provide protection: vascular, UV, and relief the different types of skin.

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